Nane Zavagno
Solidificated rough
and bituminous flame
enigmatic rock
deep psyche
origin of the shape

nature took me to the essential and beyond
Nane Zavagno
Nane Zavagno
A big rosette
hieratic like a totem
it seems to come
from remote civilizations
never existed
and it sends back
to concentrical paths
secret codes
of imaginary scripts
Vittorio Sgarbi

master recognized
at international level
gave to the mosaic
a new matter elevation
and he made it
living language again
Isabella Reale
Nane Zavagno
Anodic and
reflective aluminium
like a bas-rilief
of Donatello's purity
Alfonso Panzetta

The first alibi
of Zavagno
is the amazement
the second one
is a sort of optimism
for geometry
the third one
is the taste
for materials
Elio Bartolini
Nane Zavagno
Modular, vertical
and curvilinear structure
with monumental effect
but of little dimensions
Enrico Crispolti

Zavagno looks for communication
also al urban and at social level
and we have to reward him for that
Umbro Apollonio
Nane Zavagno
Transparent and interactive
wire net structure
essential lines
original shapes
paradigms of archaism
and of futurition

Zavagno is the return to the Place
the natural space
that replaces
the artificial location
Tito Maniacco
Nane Zavagno
matter and
gestural painting
of complex variables
of the existence
Angelo Bertani

Very synthetic vision
metaphor of reality
at top gear
Giancarlo Pauletto
Nane Zavagno
The light of black:
and mysterious
Nane Zavagno
In a flash
Nane Zavagno
splits up and reshapes
the reality
taken away from nightmare

The signs reflect
the human mood
his eagerness to understand
Paolo Rizzi