Nane Zavagno was born in 1932. He is very young when he begins to teach plastic arts in Udine as successor of the great artist Dino Basaldella. He draws, paints and sculptures. In 1962 his works are mentioned in France by the prestigious magazine "Revue Moderne". Together with D'Agostino, Perilli, Pomodoro and Radice he takes part to the art covers of Esso Rivista. In 1982 he is invited to the Espace Cardin in Paris. He exhibits his works in 26 personal exhibitions and in more than 100 collective exhibitions in different countries, from the Italian biennal exhibitions, to the international exhibition in Venice, from Switzerland to Austria, Croatia, Peru the Grand Palais of Paris, where his works are exhibited together with those of Vasarely, Le Parc, Soto, Demarco. In 1996, together with C avaliere, Ciussi and Munari, he presents his sculptures in the park of Miramare Castle in Trieste. In 2001 the Mondrian Foundation of Amersfoort in the Netherlands invites him to the "Exposite Mondial Echo's", where he exhibits some creations: many of them are located in private or public collections and locations in Europe and America.

Critics - They said about him

In order to understand Zavagno, you have to meet him frequently. The first time you are struck by his inner wealth inversely proportional to his loquacity. But only the third or the fourth time you can realize the very uncommon potential of his artistic world.
Luciano Padovese

Zavagno is deep-rooted in the totality of human possibilities.
Riccardo Barletta

He is a quite lonely and independent artist: he uses up his experiences and after concluding them he feels a sensation of exhaustion and the impulse to a turnabout in the formal research. The poetic kernel of his work lies in the intuitiveness of the relationship with the nature, that brings him to a primary perceptive involution and at the same time to a formal elaboration.
Enrico Crispolti

In Zavagno's house the nature goes in with impetuousness through big windows. A spiral stair placed in the middle of the house - as metaphor of his spiral artistic way - brings to the underlying artist's studio. This idea - but perhaps it would be better to say this feeling - of staying in the middle could be the right key of interpretation of his work.
Giancarlo Pauletto

Critics who wrote about him

Umbro Apollonio, Riccardo Barletta, Elio Bartolini, Angelo Bertani, Gabriella Brussich, Giulia Calligaro, Martina Corgnati, Enrico Crispolti, Licio Damiani, Alessandra Dolci, Ada Patrizia Fiorillo, Italo Furlan, Amedeo Giacomini, Tito Maniacco, Arturo Manzano, Tonko Maroevic, Carlo Milic, Charles Millet, Carlo Mutinelli, Luciano Padovese, Alfonso Panzetta, Giancarlo Pauletto, Luciano Perissinotto, Giuseppe Raffaelli, Isabella Reale, Paolo Rizzi, Laura Safred, Giorgio Segato, Camillo Semenzato, Vittorio Sgarbi, Rudi Tepper, Ida Vallerugo, Giuseppe Zigaina

Some exhibitions

1959, Padova, Biennale d'Arte;
1963, Milano, Biennale d'Arte;
1967, Vienna (Austria), L'Aia (Olanda);
1969, Lubiana, III Intart, Moderna Galerija;
1970, Milano, Galleria Vismara;
1974, Parigi, Jardins des Champs Elysees;
1975, Pesaro, Galleria Segnapassi;
1977, Parigi, Grand Palais;
1979, Parigi, XX Salon Grands et Jeunes d'Aujourd'hui;
1983, Parigi, Grand Palais;
1985, Montecarlo (Monaco), Dieci Scultori Internazionali;
1986, Parigi, Universite' P. e M. Curie;
1989, Milano, Galleria Shubert;
1989, Lima (Peru'), Museo d'Arte Italiana;
1990, Zagabria (Croazia), Galleria Forum;
1990, Roma, Palazzo dei Congressi;
1991, Salisburgo, Memoria-Realta'-Fantasia;
1993, Klagenfurt (Austria), Kleine Galerie;
1995, Venezia, XLVI Biennale Internazionale d'Arte;
1997, Trevi (Perugia), Flash Art Museum;
1998, Labin (Croazia), Simposio Internazionale di Scultura;
2001, Amersfoort (Olanda), Exposite Mondiale Echo's;
2002, Passariano - Villa Manin, Mostra Antologica.
2005, Udine, Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
2005, Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), galleria La Torre
2007, Pergine Valsugana (Trento), Castel Pergine
2009, Das Kranzbach (Germania)
2011, Figline Valdarno (Firenze)

Some public locations

Roma, Musei Vaticani;
Amersfoort (Olanda), Fondazione Mondrian;
La Chatre (Francia), Municipio;
Pedena (Croazia), parco pubblico;
San Gallo (Svizzera), giardini pubblici;
Caorle (Venezia), lungomare;
Padova, Giardini di Giotto;
Riccione (Rimini), giardini pubblici;
Udine, Galleria d'Arte Moderna;
Pordenone, Provveditorato agli Studi;
Treviso, Giardini Pubblici.